The latest Salix release is built around and focused on the Xfce Desktop Environment.

Older releases are available through the Salix project page at Sourceforge.

If instead of the iso images, you are looking for the packages that are included in the Salix repositories, you can download them through one of our repository mirrors. The state of these mirrors can be seen in our mirror monitor page.

Live images are clearly marked as SalixLive in this list. All other iso images are not Live images. They boot into the standard Salix installer, which is a text-mode dialog-based installer.

Salix Xfce 14.2 DVD ISO (i586/i686, 32-bit)

(size: 957MB, md5: 97ccf919bea44091d0d3f5d6b678202c)

Salix64 Xfce 14.2 DVD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 1014MB, md5: e1c13f04d4111fbe8922119adfb77e47)

SalixLive Xfce 14.2.1 DVD ISO (i686, 32-bit)

(size: 1016 MB, md5: b007f1d10cdcd5e26bd6cab322abf07f)

SalixLive64 Xfce 14.2.1 DVD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 1012 MB, md5: 55827ff5ab7547c252cf75d0d8c46ca9)